What will the result be??
How do we get there??

Ensuring clarity about the personal and professional potential in businesses is vital to how the goal is achieved. In the sports world, it is inconceivable that the coach does not know every detail of who can play which position on the field – when and for how long.

Today’s leaders are required to ensure peak performances from their staff. It therefore makes sense to map out the personal and professional skills throughout a company. Once this mapping process has been completed, the right team and the role distribution can be determined and managed.

Examples of services:

  • 2nd Opinion – Candidate Evaluation (MPA + OPTO + ACE)
  • Motivation Analysis (EASI)
  • Pre-, On-, Re- and Postboarding
  • Team Analysis (MPA + EASI)
  • Job Satisfaction Analysis (GAIS)
  • High Performance Teams
  • Leadership Development (LS360)

Where development is needed, we provide the talent

Assessment and Performance are very much about bringing strengths and potential to light. Typically in connection with: recruitment, co-operation or organisational change. Achieving the best results requires putting together the right team. But it is also about getting the best out of the resources that are available. Based on the company’s strategy, it is about getting the individual to develop – both alone and together with the team.

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